swimming for keeps

by people person

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all songs written & recorded by jessica oliver on a wonky iBookG4 internal microphone over the summer, fall & winter of 2011, save for bass on "up & done it" by henry thomas, bass on "fallout" by mike collins, drums, bass, & piano on "problems" by evan simmons, lyrical help on "i'm slimy" from hope clayton cullum


released August 13, 2011

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people person Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: astoria
it's high time for this
& it's high time that i called it quits
you could make this less difficult
you could show me to the door

it's high time that i'm forgetting you
but it's high tide in astoria
you could make this all easier
you could throw me off the dock
(& i'll be swimming with the fishes)

call me an asshole, well i guess that i agree
but the sea lions were just laughing their lives away
right in front of you & me
turns out i was only being hopeful
thought i'd cured myself of that long ago
driving home from portland, oregon
the freeways here move so slow
Track Name: it bugs me, it was nothing
william, you're the kind of guy
i could fall for on the fly
you're pacing the kitchen
wish you were giving me the eye

william, you never go out
but that's okay, i'm agoraphobic anyway
but what can i say?
i'd like to spend the day in your brain

william, you can make some noise
however, i'm aware this is the case with a lot of boys
but you've got something special
i can see it in your piercing eyes when you say
"Ladies, ladies, ladies...."
Track Name: up & done it
well i guess i up & done it
i'll admit it was fun but
i've gnawing my nails to bits for the last few days
cold sweats in the basement
my hands touch your face but
everything that was once there has been erased

i don't blame you if you're mad
i'd understand
i'm used to being a disappointment anyways
every time i think at last
i've found a thing that's better than the past
i start living in my brain again

so i guess we're done with talking
all i'm about is walking
around a room full of people trying to find themselves
i stop & pause by the exit
i'm not sure what happens next but
it sure beats sitting around
& watching your head swell
Track Name: Fallout
The only thing better than falling in love
is falling out of it.
God knows I'm greedy
and I ain't proud of it.
But I don't want to be that thing to you.
I don't want to be the thing you grow attached to.

Sometimes it's hard to get out of bed,
to peel back my eyelids & flex my head.
But I've been working for the weekend
every weekend since I can remember.
And I've been praying for a Pacific Summer
since last September.

Lately it's hard to get off
on self-serving infidelity & Nabokov.
But I'll keep writing you these letters;
you'll keep sending me replies.
And we'll keep falling in love with ourselves
staring into each other's eyes.
Track Name: I'm Slimy
i don't have a lot of time to spend with you
i don't have horses to boil down for glue
i don't have a lot
but what i've got i'll grunge it up

i've got a nice, big back yard
i've got some work & it's not that hard
i had a job
but i went & fucked it up again

feed me skittles & beer
soap me, make me crystal clear
wax me
oh wait, i went & waxed me up myself

all flesh is grass & grass is green
all the pretty things i've never seen
like the waves drowning you on Canon Beach
you're out of reach

oh, the floods in my brain & the rocks in my shoes
all the pretty sights my eyes will never view
like the limbs that hold you up at Angel Oak
we're out of rope

like the air i breathe & the gas i pass through
all flesh is grass
but grass is too